Bowling Team

By Jessica Moore and Alyssa Robbins

The WHHS 2016 bowling season is officially underway. There are two bowling teams; a boys and a girls team. The boys team won two games and the girls team has yet to win. However, the girls bowling coach, Bruce Keogh, said the girls are hard at work, practicing as much as they can. He says, “During the season we have our competitions at T- Bowl, Holiday Bowl (Oakland) and Bowler City (Hackensack). Our preseason practices are held at T-Bowl.” The boys coach, Richard Basilicato, is helping his team become better. “We typically bowl 2-3 times a week.” Basilicato says. “During those practices, I am able to instruct each bowler on strategies and form on the lanes.” The teams try their best when they practice and they have so much fun practicing together. Junior, James Ortello says, “Practice is fun. We’re all friends and we just bowl.”      

The current captain of the boys team is Junior Patrick Mayer and the girls captains are Seniors Jeanette Rossbach and Danielle Darpino. Mayer is currently averaging 188. He has almost bowled a perfect game, which is 300, but missed by only 11 points. The other players are just as good as him. They all try their hardest and strive for a perfect game. Basilicato continues saying, “ When we are bowling well, my team has different handshakes and high fives they do with each other.” Junior Jason Fantozzi says, “The most fun part is being able to spend time with friends while playing a sport. There is no pressure and lots of encouragement.” The girls bowling team has a precompetition ritual.

 “[At] pre-competition we may review the “Bowling Truths” with the bowlers naming them.  These “Truths” are reminders to the player of what to keep in mind during the games.  These “Truths” are a summary of the ideas that are key factors to success in bowling and were written up by one of my players 9 seasons ago with some modification by more recent players,” says Keogh.  

Overall the teams are both excited, well prepared for their season, and are ready to win.