Former Coach Brian Flores Suing NFL and 3 Teams Over Racial Injustice


Former Dolphins coach Brain Flores

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

The former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores, is suing the NFL and three of its teams over racial injustice in their hiring processes. He is suing the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, and his former team Miami Dolphins.

Flores was in search of a job after the Dolphins fired Flores after three seasons of coaching, two of them being winning seasons. It is believed that he was fired due to a disagreement with the team owner, Stephen M. Ross. In 2019 after Flores was hired, Ross tried to incentivize losing by offering Flores $100,000 for every loss that season. He did this so the dolphins could have a better placement in the draft. Flores did not comply with what Ross had offered and so the Dolphins continued to win games toward the end of the season. The continuous disagreements between him and Ross led up to Flores’ firing on January 10.

The claim that Flores makes against the Giants and Broncos was that he was only considered so the team could comply with the “Rooney Rule.” This is a rule that states that the team must interview candidates of color for head coaching positions, as well as senior football operation positions. Flores says that the teams did not think of it as an actual interview, and did not consider him a candidate.

On the Giants’ side, Patriots coach Bill Belichick accidentally spilled to Flores that Brian Daboll was selected as the new Giants coach before they even interviewed Flores.

Flores was interviewed by the Broncos in 2019. The team’s former General Manager John Elway, as well as other executives, showed up an hour late to his interview. When they finally arrived at the interview, they looked “disheveled” and as if they had been drinking heavily the night prior. The lawsuit states that it was obvious that the interview was just to satisfy the “Rooney Rule” and the Broncos had no intention of hiring Flores. After this, the Broncos hired Vic Fangio, who is white, to be their new coach.

Along with the lawsuit in general, Flores also came up with a list of “reliefs” that he would like to see fulfilled. The main points of the list state that he wants an increase in racial diversity in hiring processes, and he also wants diversity in the ownership of NFL teams.

Flores was also not hired by the Houston Texans recently. Flores’ lawyers claimed that he was not hired because of the current lawsuit against the NFL. The Texans General Manager, Nick Caserio, has denied these claims and said that not hiring Flores had nothing to do with his lawsuit.

Freshman Luciano Garcia, who is also a Dolphins fan, said, “I think that the NFL needs to do more to combat the effects of systematic racism that is sadly prominent in the league. Whether it is players or coaches, there needs to be something out in place to protect everyone and keep things no deeper than the game.”

This case is still ongoing and has not been resolved as of now.