The Hype House Show; The Cost of Fame


Phoyo by E! News

By Chloe Levy, Staff Writer

Months ago, Netflix announced they would be doing a show highlighting the secret life of Tiktok’s elite, The Hype House. The show was released on January 7 and surprised many viewers with the depth in which they went into the character’s backstories and showed the dark and harmful effects social media has had on these teens.

This show featured influencers such as Nikita Dragun, Vinnie Hacker, Larray Merritt, Thomas Petrou, Chase ‘Lil Huddy’ Hudson, Kouvr Annon, and Jack Wright.

This show dove straight into the complex relationships between creators living in a $5 million Los Angeles-area mansion. 

Freshman Dakota Handschin said, “It made me think differently of them and kinda made me have some sympathy for certain people and then other people don’t deserve to be where they are at now because of the things they’ve done.”

Many people were angry when the show was first announced because it was announced alongside the cancelation of many other beloved shows. Needless to say, fans were mad.

Although fans were mad at first this new insight into the lives of influencers showed the lengths people will go to get famous, stay famous, and the pain fame can cause.

Relationships rise and relationships fall throughout the show and in the end, the Hype House is a family that is strengthened by the experience.

Freshman Sophia Gutierrez-Campodonico said, “It showed me how detrimental being at the top actually is in a way, it scared me.”

Hype House definitely argues how seriously everyone takes the job but it makes you wonder; at what cost?