How Covid Absences Affect Classes



With students gone, there has been lots of extra space.

By Jackie Sauer, Staff Writer

Since the week before winter break started, most classes have at least one kid absent or virtual due to Covid. Some virtual students are either in the process of being tested because of an exposed case, or have tested positive for the disease. 

The process of virtual teaching for exposed-case kids is the same as last year’s hybrid-learning protocall. Google meets are used for kids at home and kids in class can learn and understand the material equally and fairly. 

While this is a great solution to Covid’s education obstacles, this leaves classrooms all around the school to be half-full or close to empty. For some kids, an emptier school is beneficial, where hallways aren’t as crowded, social anxiety is decreased, etc.. But there are kids who have opposing opinions because they either miss their friends, can’t do regular activities, or other reasons. 

A freshman at Hills, Emilia Caruso, says that, “I think it feels weird having kids out because it changes our original plans. Even though we just adjusted to our fully-learning schedule in 2021, we now have to re-adjust to hybrid classes again. This is something we’re all going to have to get used to, but our health and safety come first. A lot of kids are absent in my gym class and although we can’t finish our project adventure unit as of right now due to too many absences, the gym teachers still make the class fun no matter the situation.” 

While this is a change everyone has to go through, it isn’t a new one. If we could do hybrid-learning once, we can do it again.