Should School be Virtual?


By Chloe Levy and Jackie Sauer

As many schools go virtual, Wayne students worry they’ll be next. Last year was a struggle for many students as they attempted to learn virtually. Learning virtually has hurt a lot of kids and they do not want to go back. 

Students are trying to learn but they’re afraid school is going to be virtual again. 

Learning virtually is a whirlwind of cheating, trying to learn, and in some ways teaching yourself. It is a hard and strict standard that hurts a lot of kids academically and mentally. 

Freshman Stephanie Tulpan, said, “In-person education is crucial to the development of students, and the kids who don’t have COVID shouldn’t have to pay for those who do.”

Being at home hurts a student’s a lot. Stephanie described is as a “loss of human interaction”.

Eighth grader, Diane ‘Pheobe’ Link said, “The kid’s education is not that great on virtual. People cheat and the kids don’t do all their work and they don’t learn. They get distracted and do their phones during class.”

Let’s be honest, people cheat and people lie: “I’m awake!'” “I’d never cheat on the test!” “I did the homework!”

Virtual school makes it easier for people to lose focus, cheat, and creates an unfair difference in not only class but in grades between those who cheat and those who don’t.

One Freshman from Wayne Valley High School, Emma Dellobuono, said, “Students don’t understand as much when being virtual, especially students who learn better with hands-on experience.”

Freshman Maya Kolen said when asked why we shouldn’t go virtual, ” Cuz’ we gotta learn to adapt to it, it’s gonna be here for the rest of our lives.”

Being virtual can also be hard on students’ mental well-being.

Stephanie said, “Being virtual is suffocating and makes students lose touch with reality.”

Emma said, “Not being able to see your friend up close affects mental health.”

Physical contact is vital to not only mental health but development. Learning social interaction is so important to development.

Pheobe said “I do believe it is hard on our mental health. I think my grades have dropped when I went virtual and I didn’t learn as much as I could.”

School is already hard enough and going virtual-only makes it that much harder.