What Did Students Do Over Winter Break?


Courtesy of Caleb Kim

By Badr Kwaik, Staff Writer

For most students, this past winter break was much needed to kick off the new year.

Students can do a variety of things during their time off school. Some students decide to spend their time off by hanging with friends, going on vacation, or just playing video games.

Winter break is especially great for the fact that it is the time of the holidays. 

Students who celebrate Christmas get to spend quality time with their families and open gifts. 

Wayne Hills Senior Caleb Kim went to New York to see the Christmas Tree.

“I spent time with family and friends for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I went to the city to walk around and see the Christmas Tree. I hung out with my friends a few times during my break. It was a great time,” Caleb said.

Students who did not celebrate Christmas used their free time to sit back, relax and enjoy the break from school.

“Not having to worry about school and sleeping in was the best part. I hung out with my family, went to the gym, and played video games most of the time,” Wayne Hills Senior Edis Veliu said.

It’s fair to say that majority of students slept in during their winter break. This was especially true for Wayne Hills Senior John Segreto.

“Over the break, I took advantage of not having to wake up early and would sleep for up to 10 hours. I also had a great Christmas with my family and we celebrated the New Year together.¨

In general, students over the break filled their time off by celebrating Christmas and doing their favorite hobbies.