Students Opinions on Being Back in Person


Mr. Reinhart’s science students working on a lab.

By Lizzy Boulos, Staff Writer

The new year has finally arrived, but the Wayne School System has not gone virtual even with a rise in COVID cases. Some students prefer to be in person but others would have preferred a week or so online in order to help the surge.

Junior Lola LaCorte said, “It feels good to be back and see my friends but it doesn’t feel good that so many of my teachers are not here and people are being sent home every day because they are sick.” 

Many agree with her opinion junior Emily Bollinger said, “Being back is terrible, I would rather be home. I really think we should have been online just to be safe this week plus since all the teachers have their windows open it’s freezing.” 

Anzor Mustafa, a sophomore had to go along with Emily’s opinion. He said, “I think it’s irresponsible to be back to school so early considering the fact there is an increase in COVID cases and most people were traveling. Some people live with older people or have parents with underlying conditions that put them at a higher risk. ”

Senior Camryn Smith disagrees with Anzor and Emily, “it’s my last year in high school and I’d rather be in person with my friends than be in bed all day by myself.”

Many students would have rather been online this week yet we continue to be in person. The school is continuing to track cases and is trying to do what is best for the majority, yet many people seem to be disagreeing with them.