Students Opinions on “Tick, Tick…BOOM”

Students Opinions on Tick, Tick...BOOM

By Maddie Galesi , Staff Writer

The story of Jonathan Larson, writer of the hit Broadway show Rent, was captured in the new Netflix film, “Tick Tick … Boom!” 

The two-hour-long film shows Larson’s life and journey as a young composer before dying of a brain aneurysm in 1995. Before Larson died, he left behind the self-portrait musical “Tick Tick Boom!” 

The musical drama includes a variety of celebrities such as Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp, and Jordan Fisher. The movie was directed by the writer of “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda made his directorial debut with “Tick Tick…Boom” proving his multi-faceted skill set.

“Tick Tick Boom” has not only gained attention in the press but many songs and scenes have gone viral on social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram

“I first saw an ad for the move through Tik Tok,” said sophomore Adrianna Gialanella. “I didn’t think I would like the movie because I’m not really into theatre and I knew nothing about Jonathan Larson before watching. I ended up really enjoying it and loving the music.” 

Junior Amy Hecht also enjoyed the film felt it was, “really powerful because it talked about the AIDS epidemic and finding your purpose in life.” She also enjoyed the cameos of famous broadway actors. She overall rated it a ten out of ten. 

While “Tick Tick…Boom ” seems like it may only be for theater lovers, it is a movie anyone can enjoy. Make sure to watch it on Netflix!