Advice for Juniors Starting College Processes

Advice for Juniors Starting College Processes

By Geena Kim, Staff Writer

As 2021 wraps up, the class of 2022’s high school era is coming to an end. On the other hand, the class of 2023 is just getting started, SATs, ACTs, college applications, and college touring are right around the corner. Finding what career path you want to go into can be stressful since there are thousands of different majors and jobs available. Although finding your passion in life sounds intimidating, doing something you love for the rest of your life would feel so rewarding.

What better way to start off the process with some great advice from senior class president, Jiwon Song:

Q: What was your experience like with your college process?

Song: There were moments of hardship and during the moment I was overwhelmed with stress; however, with time management, the process was not as bad as what others explained the “nightmarish” process of the college process.

Q: What is something you wished you knew going into the process?

Song: I wish I knew the intricate forms I needed to fill out the financial aid requirements such as CSS, FAFSA, and IDOC. These systems were very frustrating and difficult to fill out.

Q: How did you know what you wanted to major in?

Song: I received a dental shadowing opportunity, I was able to shadow Dr. Steve Savino to gain insight into the functions of a dental office and the work of a general dentist!

Q: What would you do differently?

Song: I wish I created a spreadsheet with all my college deadlines and requirements.

Q: What is your advice to the juniors about the college process?

Song: Do not over stress yourself! The process is really not as bad as people explain to others. The key to an uncomplicated college process is organization. Being on top of your things will help diminish the dangerous word: procrastination.

Starting your college process can look intimidating and stressful, but it seems like as long as you do what you have to without procrastinating, you will be okay!

“I can’t wait to go to college but at the same time the process seems so intimidating. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher so I have been trying to find the right college for me; I’ve toured Montclair State and William Paterson so far and they seem like pretty decent schools!” Said Mia Rivera, junior at Wayne Hills High School.