800-Year-Old Mummy Found in Peru


Mummy discovered in a underground Tomb

A 800 to 1200 year old mummy was located in Peru near the capital city of Lima. The mummy was found near one of the sites of Cajamarquilla. While the preserved body was located underground it was shockingly found in an odd manner. The mummy was found tied with ropes with its hand covering its face. Many of the researchers state how this can be a form of a Peruvian funeral custom.

There isn’t an exact age of the mummy but the estimate is between a 25 to 30 years young man who came from the mountains of Cajamarquilla. The archaeologist stated that the mummy had to be an important person in society.

Other discoveries that were found near the underground tomb were several marine molluscs. As well as Llama bones which in that time it was commonly eaten as well as offered to the deceased. The unexpected discoveries have archaeologists happy with it, although it wasn’t planned to find a mummy the discovery is quite interesting.

A student at Wayne Hills shared their feelings about the discovery of a mummy.

“It can help people discover more of the culture it was from,” Maggie Guo a senior at Wayne Hills stated.

While people might have different perspectives of this mummy. It is a good discovery for scientists to explore. Finding this discovery can lead with new information of the past lifestyles.