Phil Murphy Wins New Jersey Governor’s Race

Courtesy of NBC News

Courtesy of NBC News

By Emily Kozak, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, November 3, Phil Murphy was re-elected as governor of New Jersey. Mail-in ballots slowed down the election process, results were announced before 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. This was a close call with his Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli. Phil Murphy was leading 50.44% to 48.8% over Jack Ciattarelli. After this close loss with Ciattarelli, Murphy stated, “We clearly need to touch more people. We need to get at more kitchen tables.”

Many people weren’t pleased with his win because of Murphy’s policies. This included raising taxes on millionaires as well as increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Opposite to what was expected, Murphy stated he isn’t going to change, but keep this policy at work.

“I am interested to see what he will do to help New Jersey,” said Sophomore Janae Murray.

Murph’s goal for this second term is to create new gun laws, ethics reforms, school development authority to reconstruct, legally ensure the right to an abortion, expand pre-kindergarten access, and expand voter access, among them. Phil Murphy also hopes to create affordable housing and keep New Jersey’s position as the best place in America to raise a family. Murphy has also taken steps to combat climate change for a sustainable future. In 2019, Murphy even established the Interagency Council on Climate Resilience. 

Governor Phil Murphy worked hard during this pandemic to help those affected by COVID-19 and stop any further damage. New Jersey was hit early because of its close distance to New York. Phil Murphy has been facing challenges since day one but he has always been truthful with New Jersey citizens about COVID-19. As a result of Phil Murphy’s hard work, he saved the lives of millions of New Jersey citizens who had access to vaccines and testing stations.

Overall, many politicians create unfulfilled promises to gain voters, we will have to wait and see if Phil Murphy holds his progressive views on New Jersey and does what he promised. 

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