Updated Opinions on Block Scheduling

Updated Opinions on Block Scheduling

By Badr Kwaik, Staff Writer

It is the second year since Wayne Hills High School switched from the traditional nine-period schedule to block scheduling.

Block scheduling follows a format that replaces the typical 40 minute periods and increases the duration of each class to 58 minutes. Classes are met fewer times throughout the day. Furthermore, you meet each class fewer times throughout the school week.

This switch has allowed students to possess adequate time to prepare for tests. While in addition offering them more time to complete their homework assignments.

Wayne Hills senior Daniel Turcan believes that block scheduling is a vital convenience. He stated, ¨It’s very convenient not having every class each day. This lets me catch up on work in other classes.¨

Most students deal with considerable amounts of stress. With the added time between classes and school assignments, students feel they have less weight on their shoulders.

Wayne Hills senior Pierson Pappolla says that block scheduling aids in preparing you for college. He stated ¨I think block scheduling is an effective way to deal with school because it prepares you for college scheduling¨.

While some students feel that the schedule change is for the better, some teachers believe that block scheduling may be a detriment to their teaching.

Wayne Hills Robotics teacher Mr. Yost states, ¨I like it – but it can get confusing to remember where you left off and what you covered in certain classes.¨

Introducing block scheduling had many students petrified and anxious for their classes in the beginning. But now that students have been able to get settled with the current format, they are tremendously satisfied. They feel that it has been beneficial for a variety of reasons.

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