New Jersey Governor Unclear After Election

Courtesy of Rutgers University

Courtesy of Rutgers University

By Amanda Horn and Emily Kozak

On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 the New Jersey governor’s race results are still unknown. With 93% of the New Jersey votes already in, governor Phil Murphy is slightly ahead of Jack Ciattarelli. 

New Jersey’s governor race results continue to be counted as of Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021. During most of this election, many people doubted Republicans Jack Ciattarelli and thought Phil Murphy was sure to win. However, even as the coronavirus pandemic increased Phil Murphy’s popularity, his popularity seemed to slip on voters’ priority lists this year. With 93% of the New Jersey voters already in, governor Phil Murphy is tied with Jack Ciattarelli.

“It’s an interesting election,” said Sophomore Sara Oparaku. She, like many others, is also eager to see this year’s results.These results could change many things in the state, such as mask mandates in school and vaccine mandates. 

Businessman Jack Ciattarelli and former New Jersey State Assemblyman hopes to beat Democrat Phil Murphy in the election. Ciattarelli has been involved in local politics since 1990. In 2011, Jack Ciattarelli was elected into

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 the position of representing New Jersey’s 16th Legislative District in the New Jersey General Assembly. He served in the General Assembly until 2018. In 2017, he ran for New Jersey governor and came in second place in his primary.Earlier this year Ciattarelli beat the three other Republican nominees in his primary. Winning over Hirsh Singh, Phil Rizzo, and former Franklin Mayor, Brian Levine. 

Phil Murphy was born in Needham, Massachusetts in 1957. He attended Harvard University and graduated in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Then he went to to the University of Pennsylvania to earn his master’s degree. He made his way into finance and worked at Goldman Sachs. He worked his way up quickly and became the head of Goldman Sachs Frankfurt office, then President of Goldman Sachs Asia and was located in Hong Kong. Afterwards, Murphy had multiple hand ranking positions such as a part of the Management Committee, co-head of the Management Division and Senior Director. Then ended his 23 year career and retired in 2006

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After retiring from finance, Murphy served as the National Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from 2006 to 2009. This position led to Murphy working with DNC chair Howard Dean on his 50 state-strategy. He also raised $300 million for the DNC through various contacts from university and Goldman Sachs.

 A few major issues that have been discussed are climate change, social justice, economic climate, state finances, healthcare and education. Some controversial topics have been vaccine mandates, diversity, inclusion, state budgets and especially property taxes. Jack Ciattarelli’s ‘plan to fix New Jersey’ consists of lower property taxes, building a stronger economy, affordable healthcare, affordable energy, a clean environment, and revitalizing New Jersey cities.