Eric Adams Wins New York City Mayoral Race

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

According to the ABC 7 website, the Democratic nominee, Eric Adams has won the election for Mayor of New York City over his adversary, Curtis Sliwa of the Republican party. Adams won with 66.5% of the vote, totaling 676,481 votes. Sliwa had 293,127 votes or 28.8% of the total vote. 

Eric Adams was born on September 1st, 1960 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Adams grew up in a rough and poor childhood. This resulted in him joining the 7-Crowns gang at age 14 and being arrested at age 15. While in custody, he was beaten by NYPD officers. This inspired him and gave him the idea that he wanted to join the police force so he went to New York City Police Academy and graduated second in his class in 1984. Adams then served in the NYC Transit Police and the NYPD for 22 years. Adams ran for New York State Senate in 2006 and when he was elected, he served 4 terms until 2013. After his terms as a senator, he was elected as the Brooklyn Borough President with 90.8% of the vote. 

Curtis Sliwa was born on March 26, 1954, in Canarsie Brooklyn. He is an American activist as well as a radio talk show host. He has hosted multiple different talk shows on the WABC radio network. Sliwa is also the founder of the Guardian Angels Non-Profit organization, which works to prevent unarmed crime. Prior to his running for mayor, Sliwa has had no political experience besides taking over the Reform Party of New York State. Then in February 2021, when former president Donald Trump left office, Sliwa switch from Reform Party to the Republican Party. 

The campaigns focus on many of the different problems around NYC. Mayors have control of the public schools in New York and Adams wants to renew the contract that gives them that power because it is about to expire. Adams also wants to address congestion pricing so it can increase revenue and reduce traffic accidents. Another big problem not just in New York, but all over the U.S. is vaccine mandates. Adams is encouraging a vaccine mandate while Sliwa does not want one at all. Both candidates are very passionate about school. Adams thinks that school days or years should be longer, and Sliwa thinks that school should go through Labor Day, all the way to July. Eric Adams believes that affordable housing should be a human right for all the citizens of New York. Adams also plans to meet with New York gang members to directly address gun violence.

In the Democratic primary, Eric Adams had to compete against Kathryn A. Garcia and it was a very close race. Adams won with 50.4% of the vote and Garcia had 49.6%. The total votes for Adam came to 404,513 votes, and for Garcia, it came to 397,316 votes. 

In Adams’ victory speech he said, “Today we take off the intramural jersey and we put it on one Jersey: team New York – So brothers and sisters, and the people of our city, they have spoken. And tonight, New York has chosen one of you. One of our own. I am you.”