Iveta Wentink Takes the Win for Wayne BOE

Courtesy of Facebook

Iveta Wentink takes the win for Wayne board of education.

One of the candidates that is running in the Wayne Board of Education is Iveta Wentink who has lived in Wayne for Six years now. She has attended Montclair University where she received a B.A in psychology, got a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Fairleigh Dickinson as well as a Masters Degree in Corporate Compliance from the Fordham Law School in New York City.

Iveta Wentink has many expertise that can help the Wayne Board of education. She has two older children who attend Wayne school systems.

The major issues that are surfacing Wayne Township in Wentink perspective would be keeping politics out of classroom which states that students should not be interfere with politics but rather focus on the mission statement to them. Transparency to allow parents to speak about their concerns and to be heard. The last major issue she spoke about was about planning the future and what is beneficial for the students and the school.

“I think this years election for the board of education had a great outcome and as a student I am excited to see changes or improvements the board may bring” Joy Lee a senior at Wayne Hills stated.

Iveta Wentink will be joining the office the Wayne BOE on January 2022.

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