Hills Suffers Devastating Loss to Valley


Wayne Hills faces off against Wayne Valley

By James Adamo and Ben Friedman

Wayne Valley’s stadium erupted as the students ran onto the field, mocking the devastated Hills sideline filled with players and students crushed after a double overtime loss. October 22 marked the annual match-up of the crosstown rivals: Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley. Wayne Hills, coming off of six winning records in the previous seven years, looked to make some success out of this losing season with a win over Wayne Valley. Valley, also having a losing record, looked to defeat last year’s winner of the rivalry .

The tension was at an all time high between students but was even greater between the players. As Valley returned the kickoff, the first quarter got underway and the scoring soon followed. Valley led the scoring with Joe Costa running in for a 6 yard touchdown, taking a 7-0 lead over Wayne Hills.  Hills fired back, adding their own touchdown with senior, Ryan Song catching a 6 yard touchdown from senior quarterback, Joey Riina. However, a missed extra point put Hills behind 7-6. 

Scoring continued for Wayne Hills as Makai Gray hauled in a 25 yard touchdown pass from Riina. Hills followed this up with a successful two-point conversion taking a 14-7 lead. This wrapped up the scoring for the first half, with Hills receiving the second half kickoff. 

Valley scored the only points of the second half with a 38 yard touchdown run from junior tailback, Danny Smith, evening the game at 14.  As the game headed into overtime, Hills elected to receive the kick. Riina connected with Makai Gray for a 12-yard touchdown to put Hills ahead by 7. Valley responded fast when Alex Scheuplin delivered a 10-yard strike to Cole Wolford. The thriller continued, as the game entered into its second overtime with it all tied up 21-21.

Valley led off the second overtime with Danny Smith’s second rushing touchdown of the game.With a made extra point, Valley took a 28-21 lead. The pressure was on for Hills, a touchdown and extra point would send the game into a third overtime, but a touchdown and a 2-point conversion would make Hills victorious. Riina threw yet another touchdown to senior receiver, Matt Geraghty. With Hills trailing by 1, Coach Demikoff had debatably one of the hardest decisions to make. With a tired defense, Hills looked to close the game with a 2-point conversion. The ball was snapped and Riina rolled out right looking for any open targets, as he threw it the ball was tipped and landed in Valley’s lineman, Robby Chetirkin’s, hands ending the game. 

Wayne Hills senior Luke Hulbert had this to say about the overtime loss on Friday: “I was expecting a close battle between both teams as it always is every year between the cross town rivals and I felt that ultimately, valley’s offense came to life during the fourth quarter and overtime which gave them just enough to defeat Hills”.