Zodiac Killer Identified?


The Zodiac Killer and Gary Francis Poste

By Lizzy Boulos

One of the most notorious serial killers in the United States may have been identified on October 6. 

From 1968-1969, the murderer who came to be called the Zodiac Killer was known to have killed at least five victims but claimed to have killed upwards of 37 murders. In total, the Zodiac Killer is known to have had two surviving victims and five murder victims.

Earlier this week a group of retired detectives, and cops excitedly said they solved the decades-old mystery. Gary Francis Poste, a man who called himself a friend of the Zodiac Killer, was named the Zodiac Killer. In 2018, he passed away at 80-years-old, leaving a morbid legacy behind. The group that claimed to have solved it call themselves “The Case Breakers” have now linked his DNA to multiple crime scenes. 

The Zodiac Killer Mystery has been claimed to be solved multiple times over the last 51 years, teenagers on social media even going as far to say Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer. For the first time, the cold case is seeing promise in being solved, bringing peace to the victim’s families.

Jenna Daghestani, a junior said, “It’s disappointing that it’s taken this many years for it to be solved and it resulting in him being already dead meaning no one can get justice.” The Zodiac is most accredited for sending coded messages to the police force and different journalists. Gary Francis Poste’s name can decode these messages, but the police are investigating this revelation. 

The Zodiac Killer has been “caught” many times over the years starting with Arthur Leigh Allen who was arrested. He was proven to be not guilty when the real zodiac killer shot him, and he died. This is still an ongoing investigation, more information is still being found hopefully this will end the decades-long mystery. 

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