School Wifi Needs To Be Fixed, Students Say


Amanda Horn

Wayne Hills student uses his Chromebook to do classwork.

By Amanda Horn and Ricardo Montanez

On the week of 10/4, there have been complaints from students involving Chromebook issues. Those problems include the school internet crashing as well as the Chromebooks shutting down completely out of nowhere. These issues must be solved in order for our education to continue successfully. 

Students have complained about the unreliable internet completely turning off. These episodes of bad wifi have ruined tests, classwork and teacher’s schedules. Many teachers will assign a quiz or test and it can’t be turned in by students because it won’t load. The wifi problem has caused a lot of frustration in everyone because it ruins plans. Teachers want to start the next topic or chapter, while students have mentally prepared and studied to do well on the test or quiz.

Josh Baek, a Wayne Hills student, shares his experience about the wifi problem in the school. “I was in history class and half way into the period, my internet completely stopped working and I wasn’t able to participate for the rest of class,” Baek said. 

 Everyone in this school requires wifi for most of their education.  When the wifi suddenly turns off or becomes unacceptably slow, it causes a big problem for everyone. Students cannot complete their classwork assignments, which can cause either confusion about the topic since they can’t work, or a bad grade for not completing an assignment.

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