Students Reflect on The Week of Respect


Lilibeth Arriaga

The school halls share the importance of respect.

The week of respect was held last week at Wayne Hills. The school came together to follow the week of respect on October four through October eight. This allowed students to learn about how the school environment should be like. The school came up with activities in a week. Throughout the day the main focus was respecting and making school a safe environment for each students.

The main focus of this week is to show unity and respect throughout the school day. In PE classes a video was to shown to students to show what is the week of respect. In certain classes they spoke about unity and individuality. Last Friday students showed how they came together as a whole by wearing maroon or white. The purpose of having activities in the week was to teach students how to respect others. This can help prevent any student from feeling intimidation or feeling out of place.

Students shared their thoughts about the week of respect and how it made them feel as students.

“I think the week of respect is great to have, I just wish there was more to it” stated Emma Vacca a freshman at Wayne Hills. The week of respect should be empowered to our school more often.

The week of respect that was being held in Wayne Hills is a great way to make a school environment feel safer. It is a great way to start of the year with some positivity for all students. It is also a way of creating a safe atmosphere between all students.

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