Colleges Visit Wayne Hills

By Leah Caruso, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again where juniors and seniors begin to think about colleges and where they wanna be after high school. Every year, the guidance department here at Wayne Hills brings in admissions officers and recruiters to talk to the students about their universities. The colleges range from here in New Jersey, to Florida, Alabama, even California. 

It’s crucial to take this opportunity to meet the admissions officers or recruiters because when applying they will remember your name or see that you have shown interest in that specific college. Every university likes to see potential students engaging with them and taking advantage of visits. 

Having these colleges and universities come to our school and talk to us is a great way to learn more about the school and see if you want to apply there. There have been more than 20 schools at this point that have talked to students, virtually and in person. Each student is given the chance to ask questions, listen to important factors of the admissions process, see images of the campus, and hear all the amazing things the schools have to offer.

Here are how some of our fellow students feel about having colleges visit the school:

“Having colleges come talk to us and give us more information about their university is a great way to see a school without going to see it,” said senior Christin DeFranco

“I think every senior, even juniors, should take this opportunity because it allows you to learn more about a college. I love how Wayne Hills does this, it really helped me narrow down my college list,” said senior Corinne Zaccone

Have you signed up for a college visit yet? If not, I highly recommend it!