Wayne Hills Girls Soccer is Back


By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

As the 2021-2022 school year has started with some normalcy, many school sports have made their full return. 

The patriot pride is high as our girl soccer players are ready to face this season head-on. With last year’s graduating class, WHGS has lost some vital members of the team. During the 2020-2021 season, the girls had an outstanding record of 9-2-1 with the help of vital players such as Courtney Ruedt.

Though the loss of last year’s seniors was tough, the team bounced back with young talent ready to dominate. Sophomores and juniors such as Sophia Bradley and Sophia Kearney led in goals and assists last year and have started off the 2021-2022 season the same way. Seniors such as Mia Lombardi and goalie Janelle Licerio also show a promising outlook for the girl’s season. 

Mia Lombardi predicts that the team has a really good chance to make it far in the county tournament and state tournament. “With the talent and dynamic of the team, we have had a very successful season thus far and the momentum is still building.” Mia said that if the team continues to work hard, “we have the chance to do something really special.” 

The sophomore phenomenon, Sophia Bradley, says that the team’s strength is “passing and fitness level.” 

Wayne Hills Girls Soccer is known for its intense fitness training that proves the be successful during games. 

Junior Bella Bassora says they run two miles throughout the summer and numerous times during the season. The girls are expected to meet a certain time for all of their fitness tests, which include long-distance and sprints.

Bassora says, “this training benefits us because it gives us stamina and endurance. Although it’s awful in the moment, it really pays off more than expected.” 

Varsity player Lilly Weltman states that “our biggest weakness is lowering our playing ability and strategy when playing lower-level opponents.” 

Bradley says the biggest weakness is getting disconnected while playing. 

Wayne Hills Girls Soccer is projected the have a phenomenal season, so make sure to catch their next home game on October 7th versus PV!

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