All About the First Ever Dance Team for Wayne Hills


By Geena Kim

Wayne Hills offers a wide variety of sports teams from football to soccer, but never a competitive dance team. We do have a Student Dance Association (SDA) which is very popular and highly anticipated, but the competition is soley versus half the school. This year, Wayne Hills is now offering a brand new dance team that is competitive with other dance studios from different towns. 

Their priority is to make their way up to nationals, as their first year, they are excited to kick off tryouts at the end of October! At the activity fair last week, the dance team had a stand and there were many students who signed up for tryouts. The team’s overall goal is to include a safe environment for people who love dancing to come together at Hills to entertain others. 

You might be wondering if this competition dance team at Wayne Hills interferes with SDA or your personal dance team, according to the dance coach, it should not interfere with your personal dance competitions and will take some time out of your SDA practice! It takes place during the winter season and the dancers will perform at basketball half times and at competitions. 

“I’m so excited for the new dance team and I will definitely be at tryouts! Can’t wait for the new season to start,” Mia Rivera, a competitive dancer, says. As it is the first year, they are still in the process of getting down to the details, but Wayne Hills is happy to add another sport to their list of many other sports they offer!

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