Mom Jeans are Back and Trendy


The author of the story wears mom jeans

By Amanda Horn, Staff Writer

Straight legged jeans, which were nicknamed “mom jeans” for their popularity with 1990’s mom, have made a comeback into fashion this fall. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 quarantine, many have opted to wear comfy clothes to stroll around the house in. Once everyone was going back into the world, many did not want to give up their comfort.

Soon, every Gen-Z girl was throwing out her skinny jeans and shopping for mom jeans. They are a great statement piece that can be dressed up or down. Mom jeans can be paired up with an over-sized t-shirt to make things casual. They can also part of a fancier look with a nice shirt, shoes and jewelry.

Mom jeans are part of the everyday fashion here at Wayne Hills. If you walk down a hallway, there is a guarantee that you will see a girl wearing mom jeans. Shea Riordan, a sophomore at Wayne Hills says, “I think mom jeans are an awesome trend. They allow girls to be comfy and look cute at the same time.” So look out for mom jeans this fall.