Students’ Thoughts on The Work Program

High schoolers at internship

High schoolers at internship

By Badr Kwaik and Camilo Sanchez

Some Wayne Hills seniors who are in the work program are thrilled to be able to leave school early to go to work. Being able to work rather than taking elective classes opens up a variety of more opportunities for students, and allows them to experience what work-life entails. 

Senior George Sayegh shares his positive experience thus far on the work program. He stated ¨It’s a good program, if you have all the requirements you need for high school done then it’s great cause it feels like a better use of your time.¨

Those who are involved in the work program have the privilege of doing their main classes in the morning, and then leaving school at twelve rather than traditionally leaving at the standard time (2:19). Getting out of school a little bit sooner than usual can have a beneficial impact on the mental health of students who choose to enroll in the work program.

¨The class for it is also great, you learn a lot of things including how you should be treated at work and what your rights are. It’s overall a good program if you’re interested in working more or just getting a job in general.¨ George said.

While some students leave school to work jobs at places like Stop & Shop, The Ice Vault, and Chanos Latin Kitchen, others are participating in internships. In the article “​​The Importance of Internships in College” by Evan Kilgore he said, “Internships are beneficial because they help develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity.” Students in internships gain experience that cannot be gained anywhere else. 

Senior Jeremy Kobrin participates in an internship for physical therapy, a career path which he wants to pursue.  He said “This program is great because it allows me to learn things that I wouldn’t be able to learn in school. It will help me tremendously with the transition of learning to actually working.” Joining an internship is extremely advantageous towards those who want to dip their feet in getting to know what their future is like in terms of their desired occupation 

Overall, the overwhelming majority of students are delighted that they made the decision of signing up for the work program.



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