Students Share Opinions on School Lunches


David Valdes

Chicken over rice served by the school

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

School lunch is a lot different than it used to be before COVID-19 and quarantine. Lunches are not prepared for students right before lunch and the selection is pretty limited. The lunches are prepared in boxes and then stored away until lunchtime. Sometimes, food that is meant to be warm is cold and that could ruin the food for some people. Other times students say, the food could just be flat-out, not good.

There are some upsides to the new version of school lunch. It is free for students so they don’t have to spend money every day. It is also very easy because students can go up to one of the several lunch stands in the school, tell them what they want, and it is given it to them quickly. It helps a lot so students do not get crowded in lunch lines.

There is no better way to find out how the food is than asking the students what they think about it. When asked how he feels about school lunches, freshman Timothy Torubarov said, “The school lunches are rarely something that is both tasteful and nutritious, most of the time made effortlessly, and without taste. There are times when the food is enjoyable, but oftentimes only a small portion of it is good, and the rest, you reluctantly eat to fill your stomach with at least something to get you through the rest of the day.”

On this particular day (9/30/21) they served chicken over rice for lunch today. Alex Cruz, another freshman at Wayne Hills said, “The chicken is dry and tasteless. I would probably not eat it again.”

Hopefully, once covid is completely over, we return to back to having normal, fresh, good-tasting lunches.