Statistics and Performances of Week 1 of Fantasy Football

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

This week was a great start to the Fantasy Football year as well as the NFL season, with lots of amazing performances, and some very bad ones too.

This week was a big week for wide receivers. The most outstanding performance came from Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Amari Cooper. He racked up a total of 32.40 fantasy points putting him at the top of all WR’s in the league. Other spectacular receiver performances of 23+ points include Tyreek Hill (KC), Tyler Lockett (SEA), Adam Thielen (MIN), Deebo Samuel (SF), Corey Davis (NYJ), and Deandre Hopkins (ARZ). 

Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Amari Cooper #19
Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Amari Cooper

When there are good players, there are also bad players. Some high expectation players such as Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Tennessee Titans Receiver Julio Jones completely blew their first game of the season. Rodgers had a depressing 133 passing yards and 2 interceptions that added up to a total of 3.32 fantasy points. This ended up in a terrible loss of 38 – 3 against the New Orleans Saints. Julio Jones’ debut on his new team, the Tennessee Titans, did not go well either. He only caught 3 passes for 29 yards giving him 4.40 fantasy points.  


This week also had a great game from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a whole. Even though the team scored and played well during their 31 – 29 win against the Dallas Cowboys, not all of their players had high points in fantasy football. Freshman Will Scura said, “Everybody from the Tampa Bay offense is a very risky player to have on your team because they have lots of offensive weapons and Brady lives all his targets. That means that receivers, tight ends, and running backs will be very inconsistent due to how good the team is.” That statement was proved by this weeks stats because Tampa only had 2 players with over 20 points, but still played an amazing game. 

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