Students Give Feedback on In-Person Versus Virtual School

By Amanda Horn, Staff Writer

Students at Wayne Hills have mixed opinions about the mask mandate for this new school year. At school you must wear a mask properly during all school hours, even when you’re outside. 

Girl with mask on looks into camera
A student gets ready for school. Photo by Amanda Horn.

Someone who has a good perspective is sophomore Hannah Nussbaum, who was fully virtual last year. Nussbaum worked through her first year of high school in her bedroom. When asked which type of school she preferred, this is what she said: ¨I prefer in person school because while I cant be in the comfort of my own home, my grades and productivity have skyrocketed.¨ Even though the school year just started, many can already tell how different this was to last year. While being at home is comforting, it also allows you to lose focus and energy.

For students who have had normal school years at Wayne Hills before, the virtual school, masks and social distancing is destroying the fun experiences of high school. Nicole Bartzos, a senior, has another opinion on in person school. Bartzos said, ¨I like virtual school better but only because wearing masks to school makes it so draining. It makes the day feel worse than it should be.¨ Nicole feels that all of these rules, while they keep us safe, also negatively impact our school and the students because it limits how we interact with each other and how we learn.