Update on Junior Formal

Update on Junior Formal

By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

As Governor Murphy eased up COVID restriction for indoor and outdoor dining and COVID cases are drastically declining, many are hopeful for a semi-normal junior formal. 

Starting May 7th, outdoor events can hold 500 people and indoor event capacity was increased to 50%, 250 people. Dance floors will also be allowed meaning students and teachers can show their moves at junior formal and prom. 

Indoor capacity for large venues, with 1,000 or more fixed seats, can increase to 30% as long as there are 6 feet between ticketed groups.

On May 19th, the outdoor gathering limit will be lifted. The 50% capacity limit on indoor dining will be also removed, however, groups must still be seated at least 6 feet apart. The prohibition on tables of eight people or more will be removed.

 “Current mask requirements will remain in place,” Murphy says. 

In February, many were skeptical as to whether junior formal would happen. Many student council representatives are optimistic that formal will be a great time this year. 

“With the updated regulations, everyone is able to sit inside,” junior class representative Carly Collins says, “everyone must wear a mask and remain six feet. Aside from eating, of course, when masks can be removed.” Collins is hopeful that all juniors will have a “really great time and make a ton of memories.”

Junior class vice President, Jiwon Song, also expressed her excitement for the classic event. 

“Since the dance floor is now open, juniors can expect a lot of fun! Coming together at this junior formal will be a good reward for the difficult time we students had to face.”

Student Council advisor, Mrs. Schalago, also feels ready for formal.

Schalago says juniors will abide by the COVID rules by having their temperature taken upon arrival.  “Masks will be worn the entire time unless they are eating,” Schalago says. Also, in order to maintain social distance, we only have 6 students per table and the tables are 6 feet apart from each other. ”

Schalago says juniors can expect, “a FUN night with good food, dancing, and friends!!!!”