How do Students Feel About Going Back to School?

How do Students Feel About Going Back to School?

By Sasha Abramsky, Staff Writer

Since the US went into lockdown in March of 2020, students of WHHS have adjusted to the new normal of the schedule change, cohorts, and virtual learning.

Although the school is constantly being sanitized and there are strict rules in place, students still get to decide if they want to come back to school.

There are pros to both traditional and online classes. In online classes, some benefits are access to work anywhere and anytime, sharpened digital skills, effective time management, and a combination of the structure as well as freedom. For in-person school, the benefits are more engagement, social interaction, hands-on activities, and a sense of community.

“I do not think I am going back to school. The pandemic is still happening and even though it is my senior year I want to keep myself and my family safe. I think the more people that go back into school the more dangerous it could be ” states Gabriella Bernier, senior at WHHS. 

“I am planning to switch into in-person school soon. I feel that coming back to school will be a good decision for many reasons. One of them being that it is much easier to understand concepts that are being taught when the teacher is explaining it in front of you rather than through a screen” says freshman Radha Pingle.

“I am not planning on coming back to school this year. I do not think there is any benefit of being in school. I have some friends that do in-person hybrid schedules that say since most people are virtual the teacher is mostly talking to the computer. It’s the same staying at home,” says junior Alexandra Schmitt.