Racism in the NYPD Equal Opportunity Division

By Riya Kachroo

James Kobel, the head of the NYPD Equal Opportunity Division, was recently found spreading hateful and racist comments all over the internet. The NYPD’s Equal Opportunity Division fights against racism and discrimination, and the man leading this team is a white supremacist. Kobel joined online chat boards, specifically designed for interacting with other police officers, and made vicious comments against Black, Jewish and Hispanic people. He used the fake name “Clouseau,” to make these comments. Some of these comments included calling Barack Obama a “Muslim savage” and another called Dante de Blasio a “brillo head.” He also made many vicious comments against women. 

The NYPD is currently searching for evidence to prove this case true, and much has been found already. “Clouseau” wrote a message explaining the dates of when he joined the police force, and the dates Kobel joined match up exactly. Furthermore, “Clouseau” talked about how he worked in housing with a woman named JJ, using a horrific term to describe her. When looking at Kobel’s records, officers found that he too worked for housing under a woman named Joanne Jaffe. Both details match up and multiple pieces of evidence prove that Kobel is the one that made disgusting remarks. 

The head of the Captains Endowment Association, Christ Martin has come out in defense of James Kobel and argues that he has served the police department for over 25 years. 

While he filed for retirement earlier this week, Kobel will still be facing administrative charges on the account that he falsely denied all allegations made against him. Torres, a representative of the Bronx, referred to the case as “the tip of the iceberg” and Geena Kim from Wayne Hills High School feels that this case “is truly a despicable one.”