All You Need to Know About 2021 SDA


By Manuela Gonzalez, Junior Assistant Editor

One of Wayne Hills most anticipated events is coming up. Student Dance Association, or SDA, is an association which divides its members into two teams (maroon and white). SDA normally has three shows in March, but this year things are a bit different as the pandemic has changed various guidelines for sports and activities including SDA. 

As of February 1st, SDA practice started but virtual and will continue to be virtual the rest of the month. On March 1st, SDA will start having practices at Wayne Hills High School. The show is expected to be pre-recorded and aired March 18 as there will be no in-person audience allowed. 

“This year the girls are only allowed to do one dance because we were worried about cross contamination between the girls,” said white overall Kristina Zajac. 

Apart from being only allowed to do one dance this year, there have been other guidelines put in place. All the dances will be shortened to 4 minutes to minimize person to person contact. Also, instead of the maximum number of dancers being 40, it cut down to 20 people per dance. 

This year tap will not be part of the competition because not enough people signed up. Instead the overalls and tap captains will do a short dance, but will not be judged.

The captains and overalls of both White and Maroon Teams consist of the following:

  • Marron overall: Faythe Way
  • Maroon Aerobics Captains: Katie Anevski and Melanie Galkin 
  • Maroon Jazz Captains: Sarina Ramirez and Elise Dejewski
  • Marron Tap Captains: Ava Cahn and Brooke Beach
  • Maroon Pom Captains: Mckenzie McFadden and Faith Czekaj
  • Maroon Relay Captains: Kaitlyn Alexander and Eden Rivera
  • White overall: Kristina Zajac
  • White Aerobics Captains: Carly Collins and Gianna Betts
  • White Jazz Captains: Irene Lignos and Fiona Quira
  • White Tap Captains: Christin DeFranco and Leah Caruso
  • White Pom Captains: Aria Capria and Lourdes Roman
  • White Relay Captains: Alexa Trachtenberg and Mia McEnerny

Each team will have a themed dance of their respective cartoons. They are:

  • Maroon Aerobics: Powerpuff Girls
  • Maroon Jazz: Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Marron Tap: Smurfs
  • Maroon Pom: Barbie
  • White Aerobics: Kim Possible
  • White Jazz: Pink Panther
  • White Tap: The Jetsons
  • White Pom: Fairly Odd Parents
  • White and Maroon Relay: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Although this year seems to be having a lot of changes, it will still be a fun and exciting year for SDA” said Maroon Overall Faythe Way.