Senior Prom Update: Date and Location Confirmed

Senior Prom Update: Date and Location Confirmed

By Lauren Reiser, Senior Editor

Due to the pandemic and our country’s slow vaccine rollout, most seniors were uncertain whether there would be a prom at the end of the school year.

Fortunately, despite the obvious challenges presented by the coronavirus, the administration has confirmed that the Senior prom will be held at The Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains on Monday, June 7th. This venue can accommodate the senior class size for either an indoor or outdoor event depending on the Covid restrictions in June.  

In an email sent out earlier this month, Vice Principal Ms. Stofey outlined important information for the Senior class, including updates on prom.

In order to make sure that we can hold a prom for our entire class, we needed to find a venue that would accommodate our large numbers and provide the space needed for pandemic guidelines,” she wrote. “We also wanted to make sure we had an outdoor contingency plan, should indoor activities continue to be so limited.” 

Our Senior Student Government has been working hard to plan the prom around this year’s usual circumstances, which has proven challenging during these times.

“Our Student Government worked closely with our Advisors and our Administration to provide our school community with opportunities to have the most ‘normal’ senior year possible while keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind,” said senior Study Body President Joe Kubofcik. “Many events and activities needed to be rescheduled, however, our common goal of keeping our community health allowed us to remain positive and focus on what was essential. “

Since seniors have been unable to fully enjoy their last year at Hills and participate in the usual festivities throughout the year, many are very happy to hear that there will be a prom.

“I’m so happy and excited for prom!” exclaimed Asha Madupuru. “Having some normalcy in a crazy senior year is something I’m looking forward to. If I had to choose, I would prefer having prom outdoors since it’s safer during the pandemic.”

Lydia Yang would also choose to have the event outdoors. “I’d prefer if it were outdoors because safety is definitely most important, and I’m grateful we can even have it at all this year despite the circumstances.”

Mannut Singh would also prefer an outdoor prom, as he believes that “there needs to be precautions to prevent the spread of COVID.”

Some students, on the other hand, would prefer that prom be indoors.

 “I am of course happy to have a prom either way, but I am definitely hoping that the vaccine situation will improve in these next months and allow us to attend a more usual prom,” said Gabrielle Goldman. “We will have to see how bad the pandemic is in June and then determine what will be the safest option.”

“I am excited for prom because it will give me the chance to have fun with my friends before I graduate,” commented Heather Sarney. “As an all virtual student, I haven’t been able to have a fun senior year as I envisioned. I also hope that prom is indoors as it would be in a normal circumstance. However, I like that there is the option of having prom outdoors. This alternative is better than not having prom at all.”

Joelle Ricci also hopes from an indoor prom, but said, “if an outside option is what allows us all to gather together, then I am fine with that too.”

Jake Dillon is unsure whether prom should be held indoors or outdoors. “It depends on the way the pandemic is being handled and if it’s safe or not to have it inside. But, like anyone else I want it to be as normal as possible.”

Whether prom is indoors or outdoors, it is clear that seniors are excited to get at least one aspect of the normal end-of-high-school experience.