Is There Any Hope for Junior Formal?


By Manuela Gonzalez, Staff Writer

A lot of things have been different this school year. The global pandemic has caused many sports and activities to push back their dates, and junior formal is no exception. 

On Friday January 29th, Assistant Principal Class of 2022, Christina Ventimiglia, sent out an email regarding Junior Formal Update. Formal was supposed to occur on March 5, but because of COVID-19, Junior formal was postponed. The letter did state that although Junior Formal was postponed for now, administrators are “ working hard with the venue to find a date that will provide the junior class with the best opportunity for a memorable experience while adhering to safety guidelines”. 

Junior Class President Grace O’Neill also announced that “the rest of the 2022 student council is hoping to look into some formal dates in April or May” as it is warmer to have a venue that is outdoor and safe for the student body.

This decision was no surprise to Juniors as everything this year has been different.

“I wasn’t shocked by the announcement. COVID is now a part of our lives we have to deal with and no junior formal is one of the results,” said junior Nicholas Biondo.

Junior Katerina Lazurenko reacted to the decision by saying, “Although postponing formal is disappointing, I understand and respect the decision of the administrators to keep us safe. Hopefully when it’s warmer we will be able to have it”.

Although the future looks dim, Class of 2022 President Grace O’Neill reminds everyone to “have hope that things will look brighter”.