Opinion: History Will Look Kindly on President Donald J. Trump


By Jake Higuera, Special to The Patriot Press

As presidents come and go, we remember the legacy of every president left before us. History looks very kindly at John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump will soon be added to the list. 

The events at the Capitol Building were truly horrific and inexcusable. However, it was done by a few radicals, not the majority of the Trump-voter base. It is not a true reflection of the good that President Donald J. Trump has brought to the country and not how President Trump will be remembered.

President Trump’s economy has brought us the lowest unemployment rate for women in 70 years. We got to see over one million new manufacturing jobs created at home. Deregulation has helped make the overall business climate improve. The Trump tax cuts helped over 6 million Americans receive wage increases or increased benefits. The NAFTA Deal was replaced with the USMCA which protects American-based companies and brings jobs back to the United States.

Besides the economy, the Trump Administration has promoted peace throughout the world. ISIS has been severely diminished since President Trump has taken office and pushed back. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed under President Trump. The Administration worked tirelessly and was able to broker peace deals between Israel and several countries including Sudan, the UAE Morocco and others. These historic deals were thought to be impossible before the Trump Administration. 

President Trump combatted the Coronavirus early and hard, before anyone else had even seen it as a threat. Operation Warpspeed was able to bring us a vaccine quickly and efficiently by eliminating FDA regulation. Travel to Europe and China was blocked early to slow the spread, while others criticized it. 

There are so many accomplishments by President Trump, I haven’t even begun to name them all. Although no president is perfect, and I am sure President Trump wishes he didn’t press send before he sent out a few of his tweets… he has been a defender of America since day one and he will definitely be viewed very favorably by history.