New Female Empowerment Club On the Rise

New Female Empowerment Club On the Rise

By Emily Sawyer, Staff Writer

As of November 27 of 2020, the push for a new club at Wayne Hills has been successful. Known as the Female Empowerment Club, founded by Hanna Hajdu and Sabreen Sarwar (both sophomores at Hills), it will empower and support young women to be their best selves, while also providing an outlet for both women and men to feel comfortable and acknowledged. It will additionally encourage women to take different steps in career paths, and continue to break the stigmas regarding careers in STEM and politics (for example). Until approved by the board and athletics director, Mr. DiLollo, it will act as an informal club.

The club’s officers along with the co-presidents include sophomore Yara Shobut (treasurer), sophomore Harmon Kohli (secretary), and junior Grace O’Neill (social media advisor), with Mz. CaamaƱo as the club’s advisor. The club will be used as a means to bring awareness to harmful stereotypes, and also act as a safe space for members to open up about problems they may be facing.

Members are encouraged to come to these discussion groups where they can open up about the bigotry they have faced and in turn receive advice and support. The focus of the group includes feminism, women in the workforce, and overall the empowerment of women throughout our community. Officers hope that once members are able to meet in person, the club can raise money to prepare care packages, and hold charity events for women in need.

Co-presidents Hanna Hajdu and Sabreen Sarwar agree that the club is to be a safe space for all, regardless of gender. Hanna says her goals for the club include “working to form a positive, accepting community of students, where we can help each other become more socially aware of women’s struggles to create a safer world for all women.”

Sabreen mentions that the two “want to work towards defying stigma around women in certain careers which are primarily male-based.”

To anyone interested in joining, the officers want you to know that all are welcome and they would love to have a range of opinions during discussions. The club, of course, is not limited to girls, (yes, boys, help promote gender equality!) and if you would like to learn more, reach out to any of the previously mentioned officers via GroupMe, so you can be added to the club’s GroupMe and Google Classroom page.

Being that the club is still functioning informally until approval, it is important to bring awareness to its cause and join!