Students Disappointed by the Ban on Club Sports


By Lauren Faltas, Sports Editor

In the wake of Governor Phil Murphy’s ban on club sports, many students are concerned about staying in shape and competing without their club activities. 

Governor Murphy announced the ban on November 30 as a result of soaring COVID-19 numbers nationwide and in New Jersey. The ban will last until January 2.

In addition, the NJSIAA announced a delay NJSIAA Announcement in start times for all High School sports.

Many individuals who are part of high school teams are also part of area club teams, and these athletes are sorely disappointed upon receiving news that the beginning of their sports has been delayed. Those who participate in a club sport along with a high school sport, were, for a short period of time, lucky enough to be able to still practice with their teams, but not any longer. Many have lost hope of playing this winter. 

Trisha Vyas, a sophomore, is part of the New Jersey Bluestreaks, a club swimming team. She was excited to continue her eighth year with them, but this year she is unable to do so under the current circumstances.

“It’s very frustrating to stay motivated and try to stay fit at home,”  Vyas said.  “Mentally, swim helps me focus and take out unwanted energy that builds up throughout the day,” she adds.   Clearly, it is not easy for an athlete who has been practicing every day for years, to suddenly stop for an unknown amount of time. 

For those involved in club sports, playing and being part of a team means a lot to them.

“I feel like not being able to practice has made me realize how much I took practicing and playing games for granted. It makes you realize that you really want to put your all into everything you do now because you never know when you may not be able to play anymore,” says Emily Sawyer, a sophomore who is part of a club volleyball team. Playing volleyball means more to her than literally playing. Being part of a team, practicing, and developing new friendships add to the playing factor of a club sport. 

Practicing and staying in shape is hard for many, especially those who are part of team sports. Of course, there are ways for athletes to train and practice on their own.

“To keep my skills up somewhat, I can search up videos online and practice against a wall,” states Sophomore Lola LaCourt, who is also part of a club volleyball team. It is even harder for athletes who no longer have access to their facilities, such as a swimmer without a pool, and a bowler without a bowling alley. 

Athletes, coaches, and other individuals who are involved with winter sports are disappointed by the fact that the start of winter sports has been delayed and could possibly be canceled.

Despite the disappointment, the ban on sports has been placed in response to COVID cases rising. Although everyone is hoping that by January, the athletes can get their season back and continue playing their favorite sports with minimum restrictions!


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