Boys and Girls Soccer During COVID-19


By Lauren Faltas, Staff Writer

Boys and Girls soccer has officially begun at Wayne Hills High School! Players and Coaches are glad to see another season, but this season differs from the rest due to COVID-19. Strict guidelines and rules are in effect, in order to keep a safe and healthy environment.


Players and Coaches are required to wear masks when walking to the fields and sitting on both the benches and the busses. They are also required to get their temperature taken and maintain social distance. These procedures ‘feel weird’ states Sophomore Lilly Weltman, but she understands because “they protect us from getting the virus”.


Despite the procedures players are required to go through, “playing still feels normal” said Sophomore Luca Gioinio. The process may feel strange to some, but it allows these individuals to play as they have done in the past, as well as giving them a sense of normalcy during these tough times. 


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