Return to School Proposal: Phase II Board Meeting


By Lily Waterman, Editor

Wayne District Board of Education presented Phase II on October 29, 2020. This phase would change many aspects of our current school system beginning November 20th-January 20th.

To begin with, the virtual Wednesday, when everyone is at home and school starts at 9:00am, will not continue. Every Wednesday would now be a normal day which increases time in-person for each cohort and more time with teachers.

For High Schools Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley specifically, weeks will run as follows in terms of days with all days beginning at 7:20am and ending at 12:03pm: Monday is an all-periods meet, Tuesday is a Day 4, Wednesday is a Day 3, Thursday is a Day 2, and Friday is a Day 1. So in summary, Monday’s will be all-periods meet with the rest of the week regular block rotation all beginning at 7:20am.

Beginning January 4th, 2021, the cohort schedule will be adjusted as well. All-periods meet days will no longer be days on Mondays either and the cohorts will simply rotate through one cycle of Days 4-1 and the next cohort will come in. For example, Cohort A will be in-person starting on January 4th , 2021 with a Day 4-Day 1 on Thursday. Cohort B will then be starting in-person on Friday with a Day 4.

There is discussion of merging together cohorts from 3 to 2, but nothing was decided on currently. Also, there will most likely be all-virtual instruction the two weeks after winter break from January 4th-15th.

“I think it’s important that were moving forward, even if it’s slowly. I want to be in school more obviously. I’m a senior and I want to be in school as much as I can. It’s nice they are recognizing that we as a community need to continue to do more normal things, but safely,” comments Senior Courtney Ruedt.

“I don’t really care that much as school is school, but it is a bit confusing. Wednesdays were nice to sleep in for sure, but going in more is fun too. I’m confused as to why we are going in more as COVID cases go up though. I guess as long as they think it’s okay,” comments Senior Ashley Goldberg.

“I think it’s pointless that we didn’t go to school when the cases of COVID were so low, but now, during the second wave with cases so high, we are going into school more. I don’t think any in-person classes will happen past Thanksgiving,” comments Junior Daniella Herrera.