Editorial: The Patriot Press Endorses Joe Biden For President


By Lauren Reiser, Senior Editor

Our nation could not be more divided. Our economy is down, Covid-19 cases are spiking around the country, climate change is threatening the environment, and racial tensions are at an extreme high.  The editors of The Patriot Press endorse former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris for the presidency and vice presidency of the United States.

What we need is a level-headed, experienced, and mature leader who will rise to the challenges facing our country and bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel. Former Vice President Joe Biden has proven that he is more than capable of the job, while President Donald J. Trump has fallen short.

For our country to end the pandemic, we must elect a president who believes in science and is transparent with the American people about safety measures, testing, and a potential vaccine. After numerous opportunities to unite people across both parties to work towards eradicating the virus, the Trump administration has proven it does not prioritize the safety and wellbeing of the American people.

Joe Biden has laid out a clear proposal to beat the Covid-19 pandemic that will allow the country to both protect those at risk and reopen safely. With Biden’s Seven-Point Plan, he will ensure that all Americans have access to free testing by doubling the number of drive-through test centers and investing in at-home and instant tests. He will increase the national supply of protective equipment, such as masks and face shields, protect older Americans and those who are at high-risk, and implement a national mask mandate, which experts say could save almost 70,000 lives. This plan would bring our country back to normal quicker while still following the procedures recommended by scientists.

Not only does Biden plan to adhere to the guidance of expert scientists in regards to the coronavirus, but he also believes in the severity of climate change. The environment is in extreme danger: ice sheets are shrinking, the global temperature is rising, and hurricanes are becoming stronger and more frequent. With an increasing amount of damage from natural disasters, climate change also hurts the economy. If the president elected this November does not recognize climate change as a serious threat, the future of our country will be at stake. Not only will Biden recommit to the Paris Climate Agreement, but he will also introduce his plan – A Clean Energy Revolution – that will lead the U.S. to a clean energy future. As President, Biden will lead the nation to a 100 percent clean energy economy and ensure that the U.S. reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

The former Vice President is also committed to fighting against systemic racism and supporting civil rights. Openly willing to denounce racism and white supremacists, Biden will work to end mass incarceration, systemic police misconduct, and end all incarceration for drug use alone and instead help individuals receive treatment rather than jail time. Biden’s future efforts will not only reduce the racial inequality ingrained in our criminal justice system but will also lower the crime rate and mend the broken relationship between law enforcement and minority groups.

The results of the 2020 presidential election will affect the trajectory of the entire country in many aspects, but how does this year’s election directly affect Gen Z voters and other students who are too young to vote?

Biden plans to raise the current minimum wage in the United States to $15 an hour, which would benefit the many high school students who work a part-time job. With the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, this change would significantly increase the earnings of working students.

Biden’s goal to provide two years of community college without debt and make public colleges and universities tuition-free for all families with incomes below $125,000 would encourage students who may be inhibited by their families’ financial situation to pursue a degree. With about 6 out of 10 jobs in the U.S. requiring some further level of education beyond high school, The Biden Plan for Education Beyond High School would help students build their skills and work towards a successful career.

The vast majority of The Patriot Press editors support the publication’s endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Juliana Lee, an editor and Wayne Hills Junior, believes in Biden’s vision of the future: “To be a progressive leader, one must listen to the people’s concerns and act upon those issues, put selfish motives behind them, and unite the people in America. I believe Joe Biden will be able to fit that role and has what is best for the country in mind.”

Editor Samantha Baghal supports Biden’s plans to increase accessibility to public colleges and universities and expand upon the Affordable Care Act. A Biden presidency will give Americans “more choice in their healthcare coverage, reduce healthcare costs, and make our healthcare system less complex to navigate.”

Whether he’s fighting for education reform or racial equality, Joe Biden is an honest, respectful, and educated politician who is the best candidate to serve all of the American people but in particular, the student body of WHHS.