Wayne Hills Ski team Goes Underway

By Andrew Buonpastore

With the ski season finally underway and starting there is much to look forward to before the races begin. Three times a week the team does an intense dry land and core workout to get prepared for the long season ahead of them. When the season officially starts the team leaves right from school and gets to Mountain Creek at around 3 PM and don’t leave until 9 PM. After practices have been going on for a while the Varsity Coach Mr. Strands will choose the six best skiers to fill up those six varsity spots he has, six for the boys and six for the girls. There are 150 kids who race every night and each one trying as hard as the next one to come out on top.

Senior Sarah Shawki adds, “I’m excited for the season to start and to get back on the slopes doing what I love most, the team and coaches are great and we are bound to have a fantastic season.” There is a lot of buzz around the team as they expect to have a great season, keep an eye out for them!