Seniors: Outlook for Final Year at WHHS Looks Different


3rd time pie champion Alyssa Wisely

By Dia Ciccone, Staff Writer

All students at Wayne Hill have noticed this pandemic has changed the way many people live and do activities. For the seniors, it is a big year to enjoy the last bits of everything before going off to the real world. Unfortunately, a lot of Wayne Hill’s events have already been cancelled due to limitions of the amount of people in a space. Spirit week and spirit days, such as pajama day, are huge events for the school community but especially for seniors; it is their last chance to leave the school with a spirit day victory. Due to the pandemic, spirit day will not be happening this year. 

“Student council is currently evaluating the difficult situation in front of us,” said Matt Emeric, student council vice president for seniors.  “There was no way of knowing this pandemic would happen, so we have to be creative. Since the spirit rally will not take place in the fall, we are looking into opening our food drive this fall. For me, personally, it’s a crazy year between being at home and in school while also applying to colleges and looking at the next chapter of my life. I’m grateful I get the opportunity to see some of my peers when I go into school, but hopefully we can get through this and finish the year as a collective whole in school” Emeric added.

The senior class is known for having Alyssa Wisely as our three-time pie eating champion, but they might not be able to walk out of WHHS with her being a four-time champ. 

It is difficult for all seniors to realize that this will be how they end their school career of 12 years of blood, sweat, and tears. While Matt is trying to work out student council events, most students are trying to catch the games before they get shut down for the winter and possibly spring, but what kind of senior year is it when they are not allowed to go? 

“I miss going to football games the most,” said Michael Dericks, senior. “Being in the student section is real fun and I think the players feed off our energy. Not being able to go is very unfortunate, considering it may be the last time we ever see our friends play,” Dericks added.