Teacher Profile: Senora Guarino

By Emma Arango, Staff Writer

Sra. Guarino is a language teacher that has been working at WHHS for nine years. Her career started in West Orange, NJ where she was a Spanish/Italian teacher for Roosevelt and Edison middle schools for about 13 years. She recalls her experience at West Orange as a wonderful time, and she made lifelong friends that she explored and traveled to Italy and Spain with. 

After a five-year break to raise her children, she took a position as a Spanish teacher in Fallon and  Ryerson Wayne elementary schools. When that program dissolved, she moved to Schuyler Colfax and eventually to Wayne Hills. 

“Although the transition was a bit difficult, I am so happy to have experienced and met so many wonderful teachers in all of the Wayne schools. They are dedicated and work so hard to give their students the best education possible,” Sra. Guarino said about her experience in the Wayne school district. 

She points to three role models in her life: Mrs.Lott her second-grade teacher, Mrs. Titus her sixth-grade teacher, and Mrs. Vanatta her high school English teacher. 

Her parents were immigrants and came to the United States from Italy before she was born. She began exploring Europe as a child and that sparked a passion for traveling. 

“I have always loved languages, communicating, and learning about other cultures so I guess that is what led me to teach because it incorporates all these skills,” stated Sra. Guarino.

She hopes she has given her students an appreciation for language and given them life skills to succeed in the future.