With no Live Sports, Fans Resort to Viewing Classic Championship Games

By Luke Hulbert, Staff Writer

As the coronavirus crisis continues and all sports being suspended around the world, fans are unable to watch live games anymore. Channels like ESPN have very little to talk about, so they are instead revisiting past games. 

ESPN recently aired the historic super bowl XLII when the Giants upset the patriots 17 to 14 in 2008. MSG has also been replaying memorable playoff games of both the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils.

The Yes Network has been showing Yankee classics and all of their 27 World Series titles. “Watching the classic Yankee games and seeing how differently the game was played back then is so interesting to me,” said Ben Friedman, sophomore.

Aside from old classic games, a ESPN has aired a Michael Jordan documentary. The film covered all of the great moments from Michael Jordan’s phenomenal career from memorable playoff games to NBA titles and his college experience. 

Sports Networks are doing everything they can to keep fans entertained during these tough times. “Never realized how much I appreciated being able to come home and throw on the Yankee game until this pandemic,” says James Adamo. 

For the benefit of sports fans, major leagues like the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL are not charging sports networks access to these classics.

“We all threw out the rule book to work collaboratively for the sole benefit of sports fans because we recognized these are extraordinary times,” said Ilan Ben-Hanan, ESPN’s senior vice president for programming in a USA Today article.