Students Express their feelings about Zoom

Students Express their feelings about Zoom

By Manuela Gonzalez, Staff Writer

After spring break, the Board of Education sent out an email saying that there will be video conferences allowed for school hours. Now that one month has passed of trying out the video communication platform, Zoom, students have many opinions about how they feel about the application.

Zoom is a video communication platform and app where teachers, and students can communicate and have classroom experience while social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though Zoom is optional for teachers to use, many hold meetings so students can ask questions, catch up on lessons and many other things.

“I think I have had around seven Zoom meets,” said sophomore Talia Blakeslee. “Most of them were a short duration to just catch up on what we have been learning  and to ask questions if we were confused. Other meetings were just to see how everyone was throughout this whole pandemic situation. But honestly I don’t mind it at all.”

“I actually like Zoom. It is nice seeing my teachers since I know I won’t be returning next year. Even though it is not the same, I am grateful for the technology we have today to try to make online learning regular,” states Senior Ilona Margolin.

Many people around the states using Zoom have been concerned about safety and security issues regarding the application. Even though there are many concerns, students overall like the platform.

“Zoom isn’t that bad but it does have its flaws with security. There truly is no way to perfectly replicate an in-school learning experience, and Zoom is the closest we can get right now,” states sophomore Nicholas Biondo.

Freshman Ava Pereira states “Even though there are many concerns about Zoom that I have seen, I like the set up of screen sharing and learning with the platform”.

Overall, students think Zoom is a unique way to learn and is the closest thing to a regular classroom throughout online learning.