STARS Teacher Parade Lifts Everyone’s Spirits


With people stuck inside their homes for safety from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been trying to stay positive during these hard times. STARS students and teachers came together recently, putting on a teacher parade for all the students stuck at home.

With 16 students, five teachers, one behaviorist, two-child study team members, and one paraprofessional, Sarah Getzke, one of the advisors of the STARS club, planned a route going to each of their students’ homes. Families and teachers also played a huge role in making posters, decorations, and noisemakers. 

The day of the parade, families, students, and teachers put decorations outside to greet the driveby cars. Everyone had a wonderful time and brought more happiness to see each other again.

“The smiles, laughs, and tears were shed on both sides of the parade today. We are missing them as much as they are missing us,” Getzke said.

Principal Micheal Rewick is also to thank for giving permission for the parade to take place.

The STARS Club, also known as  Student Teaching and Reaching Students Club, was created 10 years ago by Cheryl O’Brien and Sarah Getzke. Throughout the years, both advisors have made many plans and activities for the club, with the parade just being their latest endeavor.

The month of May is Abilities Awareness month. The STARS club is planning on putting “I can” statements in the windows of their homes to recognize Ability Awareness. The club also plans on participating in a Virtual Spirit week.