Juniors Express Anxiety Over College Process

Juniors Express Anxiety Over College Process

By Lauren Reiser and Noah Kaplan

The college process for highschool juniors is becoming increasingly difficult as the coronavirus pandemic wears on. Because of the virus, standardized tests, college visits, and other extracurricular activities have been cancelled, making it extremely stressful for juniors to complete necessary tasks for the college process and to improve their college resumes. 

Although many colleges have decided to make standardized testing optional in the admissions process, there’s no doubt it would ease college acceptances if you completed the tests.

As someone who was supposed to take the April ACT, it is extremely frustrating to not take the test after studying for so long and spending my own money on tutoring. Many others like myself have now wasted money on tutoring, prep books, and the exam itself thanks to the virus and it is extremely disappointing.

“The coronavirus epidemic has presented me with unexpected challenges with my search for colleges as more and more SAT dates are being cancelled, leaving me with little opportunity/flexibility to complete the necessary testing,” says Junior Hazel Hinners.

Additionally, many juniors have prepared for SAT Subject Tests, which require a significant amount of preparation and are now cancelled. While it is likely schools will make modifications to their application requirements, some colleges even require a specific number of these tests, which has certainly added to stress over the upcoming college process nightmare. 

“It’s sort of stressful that the June Sat exams are canceled because that was when I was planning to do my subject tests. Now I’ll have to wait until August when college application essays are released and have to study at the same time” said Wayne Hills Junior Anshul Sinha.

Not only were standardized tests cancelled, but most juniors have had college visits cancelled due to the global pandemic. Without the option to visit schools before applying, it is very difficult to decide which schools would be a good fit. Even more stressful, if you are planning on applying Early Decision or Restrictive Early Action, you may have to make that crucial decision without even getting the opportunity to visit any schools. 

Wayne Hills Junior Asha Madupuru agrees that it is hard to make a decision without visiting a school. “I think it is unfortunate juniors cannot visit their colleges in person. A virtual visit is not enough to determine whether or not I want to attend school somewhere. I think that virtual is not the same as a visit in person.”

Junior Samantha Baghal also feels that “it’s really stressful trying to prepare for SATs and ACTs without even knowing when the nearest testing dates will open up. I haven’t even gotten the chance to take the test once before the virus broke out, and it has really hampered the whole process of planning for college.”

As we continue to social distance from each other and self-isolate, hopefully the pandemic will end with enough time to allow juniors to complete the necessary tasks to feel comfortable and confident with their college applications.