Coronavirus Outbreak Threatens NJ Nursing Homes


By Sam Baghal, International News Editor

Since COVID-19 first plagued the country, it has become an increasingly large threat to nursing homes. This is especially dangerous because people over the age of 65 are at higher risk for this potentially fatal illness. 

The Borough of Wanaque announced Monday that the Lakeland Nursing Home on Fifth Avenue in Haskell has experienced 8 deaths from COVID-19. In addition to these deaths, many other residents and staff members have been infected. 

The state’s health department has gotten involved and those who have tested positive are being given on-site treatment. The entire facility has been put on lockdown and will not be allowing any visitors or new patients. 

 “It’s unbelievable how quickly this virus can spread and how vulnerable the elderly are to it. This is why all nursing homes and care centers should be taking the proper precautions to protect their residents” says Junior Katie Anevski. 

A similar situation occurred in Woodbridge, New Jersey last week where all 94 residents of St Joseph’s Senior Home were presumed to be infected by the virus after dozens tested positive. They were all evacuated immediately and transferred to a similar facility in the Whippany portion of Hanover. 

“These outbreaks at the nursing homes were likely the result of one person at each facility who was unknowingly exposed to the COVID-19 virus either visiting a patient or going to work,” concluded Mayor Dan Mahle.