The Class of 2020 Could Have Never Seen Corona Coming

By Danielle Cohen and Maya Kachroo

As the coronavirus situation worsens, the future is uncertain. The class of 2020 may face the possibility of missing out on senior year staples but administrators, advisers, and student representatives remain optimistic.

“The greatest concern at the moment is everyone’s safety,” said Principal Michael Rewick.  “We all need to follow all the protocols in order to get back as soon as possible.  Though I am disappointed for all the Senior activities that may be canceled, I know that the students and staff will come up with a way to create some memories together before the year is over.  They will just be different. Whatever we do create, those memories will be so much more meaningful,” he states. 

Students discuss the options of either postponing these events or canceling them altogether. The school has given no indication of whether the quarantine will impact prom, which is scheduled to take place on May 28th.

“I’m very upset about how this is impacting the end of my senior year and may disrupt events like Relay for Life, prom, and graduation,” says Senior Kyla Gallipoli.

The biggest concern for seniors, if this quarantine continues, is what will happen with graduation? Of course, the school will do everything possible to keep students and their families safe, but seniors can’t help feel that missing out on getting their diplomas in front of friends and family will feel like a loss.

“As a senior, I feel especially sad that the last months of my final year as a high schooler are being taken away. Hopefully, there will still be prom, the senior trip, project graduation, and graduation to look forward to, but at this point who knows,” says Senior Angela Reyzelman. 

“The coronavirus is negatively affecting our senior year,” said Class President Ilona Margolin. “Everything we have looked forward to since we were kids has the potential to be canceled or postponed. The student council has been working hard with prom and senior trip planning for years, and it is so disappointing that it may get taken away from us,” she adds.

Margolin has worked closely with Class Adviser Madeline Perez and Rosa Kobylinski in organizing all the big events for seniors. 

It breaks my heart to imagine this senior class without Prom, the senior trip, or graduation,” said Perez, one of the class advisers. 

Perez added that Margolin and the entire student council, have been extremely dedicated and involved in creating these memorable events for the class.

“This senior class may be robbed of the well-deserved perks that all other classes have enjoyed,” said Perez.  “However, there is still hope in my heart that all is not lost and that we may salvage some of these things and the joy of being a senior,” Perez said.

Some seniors are looking at the situation with hopeful thoughts, taking it one day at a time before finding a reason to panic.

“It’s frustrating that this all has to happen now, but I’m making the most out of the situation. I really don’t mind online school,” says Alyssa Miller.

As the quarantine continues and the situation continues, it is important to stay safe and inside.