Livingston High Hosts A Virtual Prom

AM Wired Class Hosts A Virtual Prom


By Emma Arango and Grace O'Neill

With concerns of missing their big day, Livingston highschool threw their own virtual junior prom. This global pandemic has been challenging for many people who continue to miss milestones in their lives as the COVID-19 virus shuts down social gatherings from schools to extracurriculars.

Many students like the ones at Livingston High School decided to find a way around it.

The “AM Wired,” class at Livingston filmed portions of themselves getting ready for their big day and then held a group facetime. Students in this class, which seems to be a mix of our TV production class and Patriot Press club at Wayne Hills, put together a youtube video showcasing their virtual prom which was featured on News 12 NJ.

“I guess it’s a cool idea… Kind of lame, but I don’t think our class would even be able to pull it off,” says WHHS Junior Jake Grosjean.

Many students agree that they would have rather rescheduled the event and wait until after the pandemic. Luckily, the Wayne Hills Junior Formal passed before concerns of the COVID-19 virus.

The video “AM Wired Virtual Prom” was written by Juniors, Manni Burach, and Kylie Gorsky. It was also produced and edited by Manni Burach and stars the whole AM Wired class. The video featured their teacher, Jason Dailey who plays the DJ in the video.

Despite missing the full experience of their prom, the students seem very up-beat in the video. “I’m standing in my kitchen, this is so pathetic,” says one of the students as the class finds joy in their online gathering.