Wayne Coronavirus Update 3/22/20


By Jimmy He, Senior Editor

Mayor Chris Vergano announced that, as of March 22nd, there are 22 positive cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Wayne, New Jersey.

This number, which has steadily grown since the first local case was announced on March 17th, is an increase from March 21st with the inclusion of three new cases—that of a 30-year-old male, a 35-year-old male, and a 27-year-old female.

Out of the 22 positive cases, only one is being treated in a hospital, with the other 21 being treated at home and reported not to have needed hospitalization.

Vergano also announced 934 additional cases of the virus and seven new deaths in New Jersey, bringing the total number of cases up to nearly 3,000 and the death count to 27. This makes New Jersey the state with the second-most cases of the virus, behind New York, which has reported nearly 21,000 cases.

“We expect the number to climb on a daily basis,” said Mayor Vergano in his coronavirus briefing on March 23rd, “And three additional [cases] is just what we thought was going to happen, if not more each day.”

While many people are asking about where the coronavirus cases are occurring and what places those infected had previously gone, Vergano responded that “federal law bars [the government] from giving [people] the names and addresses of those who tested positive.” 

If by some chance you were near [an infected] person,” Vergano continued, “You will be put on a list and will be contacted by the Wayne Health Department. The health department conducts a serious investigation for those that have tested positive and tries to come up with a list of who might have been potentially exposed.”

According to Vergano, “those on the list have been called, given the information on what to do if they don’t feel well, and some are being told to stay at home.” 

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also suggested that groups of ten or more should not concentrate in one place. Combined with the standing 8:00 pm curfew and closing of various businesses and restaurants, these restraints are attempts to decrease the spread of the virus.

William Paterson University also announced that they will be having a drive-through clinic. Although the date and time have not been announced, the university is seeking volunteers, especially physicians and nurses. All information can be found on the Wayne Township website.

As there is still no working vaccine for the community-spread virus, the best way to prevent exposure is to stay indoors and avoid public spaces. Other important measures include not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and thoroughly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Even with the U.S. in a state of declared emergency since March 13th and Wayne since March 16th, the number of those infected is only increasing. Mayor Vergano has been posting daily updates regarding the virus on a local and state level, which you can view here.

Stay indoors, stay safe.